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Ring Spinning:

Even today the major cotton producing countries of the world are upgrading the spinning plant capacities
The ring spinning machines are used in the textile industry to simultaneously twist staple fibers into yarn and then wind it onto a bobbin for storage.
We offer following items for ring spinning machines:
- Twin condensers
- Condenser for worsted ring frame drafting
- Snap rings / Balloon control rings
- Single aspiration tubes
- Aspiration twins for roving frames
- Aspiration tubes with position stop
- T-tubes
- Sleeves
- Clips OLC
- Condenser for entrance - break field
- Condensers for the entrance
- Break field condensers
- Parking brake / Spindle brakes
- Pigtails
- Thread guide flap / Lappets
- Separators
- Bobbin holders
- Gripper base
- Other parts