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Draw Texturing:

Draw texturing is one of the most demanding yarn processes.

Therefore, choosing the best components made from quality raw materials with optimum finishing is vital for this sophisticated process.

Our products are acceptable to world’s leading fiber producers for draw texturing line of machinery.

We offer most of the mechanical spares for these machines according to the catalog number provided by the O.E.M.

The range consists of spares such as:

- End Caps / Tube holders / Centering disc / Fork disc
- Traverse guide molding
- Traverse shuttle / Cam followers
- Traverse Cam & shaft assembly
- Cradle assembly / Hinge & Pivot arm brackets
- Take up rolls – Bakelite
- Jockey pulleys
- Timing belt pulleys
- Nip roller bearing assembly
- Feed rollers
- Drive & Positron spindle bearing assemblies
- Taper rollers
- Separator rollers
- Top & Bottom slides
- Tipper arm & Sledge actuators
- Sprockets
- Twist stoppers
- Ceramic Thread guide
- Other spares according to catalog no.